Our team consists of experienced and highly talented experts who have a keen eye for detail and are ready to work by MAMBA’s motto: we never miss.

Never missing comes with a degree of pressure. We realize this fact. But when it comes to translation, transcription and, interpretation and document translations, the stakes are simply too high to take any other approach. If you feel like you are ready for this kind of challenge, we want to talk to you.

We are specifically seeking experienced linguistic professionals who work in the language services industry. We encourage freelancers to complete our entry form so we can consider your application.

Once in our database, we can contact you regarding MAMBA projects. If you are selected to join MAMBA, you will receive a profile, which will then be used to receive information ranging from project details, key tools and files to invoices.

MAMBA is always looking for the best of the best.
We look forward to your applications.

Think you’ve got what it takes?