What We Do

We take pride in being able to offer our clients and partners a wide array of reliable and professional services. MAMBA is highly client-focused and dedicated to providing accurate results in translation, transcription and interpretation.

Our industry leading solutions are built around three powerful words: we never miss. Whether it is translation, transcription or interpretation, there is no room for mistakes.

Our experienced and detail oriented team members produce the very best results. Working with clients in a range of industries, MAMBA has a proven track record. It is no coincidence that we enjoy very high repeat client and client retention rates.

Dedicated to providing exceptional client services and communication, the MAMBA approach is to overcome any communication obstacle that you may encounter whatever it may be. Contact us today so that all of your messages reach the world with crystal clarity.

Perhaps now more than any other time in history, interpreting services are in high demand. As more people of diverse histories and backgrounds communication with one another, the need for effective and precisely accurate interpretation has never been more important.

Our interpreters are only of the highest skill and experience level. We can provide you with professional interpreting services for a range of different needs. We carefully match each interpreter to the assignment that best matches his or her fluency level, skills and experience.

Whether it is face-to-face interpreting, conference interpreting, telephone interpreting, consecutive interpreting or a range of other key interpreting services, we are here to assist you. Working with a range of different businesses in various industries, MAMBA has a proven track record of consistent success producing the highest quality results.

Our Professional
Interpretation Services

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