How We Do It

How does MAMBA produce consistent and extremely reliable results for our clients? Part of the answer is that we opt for the optimal tools. Through this process, we are able to increase both our efficiency and accuracy.

Key MAMBA Workflow Facts

• All our translation projects are completed using a thorough TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) process.

• MAMBA uses Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and platforms. CAT tools are not automated and assist greatly with the speed and overall consistency of our 100% human translations.

• We work with Translation Memories (TMs), which serve to guarantee a higher quality result.

• All of our translations are processed using CAT tools, specifically SDL Trados. This highly reliable and effective software focuses on term consistency and is based on the use of Translation Memories.

Why We Work with Translation Memories

Designed to store a range of translation units, Translation Memories are a highly useful feature within CAT platforms. They offer an array of advantages to our clients. Translation Memory databases are initially empty; however, as translation projects progress, translation information is saved in a TM. In practical terms, this means that whenever the same translation segment is found in the current or future project, the translation unit is automatically reused.

This highly useful feature and approach allows MAMBA to save translation time, but that is only the beginning. The fact that a translation unit can be automatically reused means that MAMBA is also able to avoid inconsistencies and inaccuracies throughout all projects.

Once sufficient amount of relevant information is in the Translation Memory software, our translators can put software into action in a bold and exciting way. This technology allows MAMBA translators to quickly search, find and use a variety of frequently used terms from the available translation units. The process effectively creates a highly reliable and time saving glossary that simultaneously boosts accuracy.

Through this technology, it is possible to accelerate the translation process. Our clients save not only money, but also get faster results.

We provide consistent and exceptional results. Contact us today and we’ll let you know more about how we can leverage our tools to be of benefit to your business.