Who We Are

The world has become increasingly interlinked. Thanks to digital communication, it is now easier, and faster to reach out to other people across the world.

Communication is the key to all progress and evolution. When we effectively communicate, we learn more about one another and, in the process, embrace diversities. As more and more people around the world have the opportunity to collaborate, the need has never been greater for experienced, proven and capable translation, transcription and interpretation services.

At MAMBA, we focus on bringing together diverse cultures and people. Working as a dedicated and professional intermediary, our sole purpose is to provide our clients with a flawless communication service.

This dedication means we leave no room for miscommunication. We never miss.

How It All Began

MAMBA began with a small team of focused, detail-oriented and determined linguists in the fall of 2003. Within three years, MAMBA was able to cultivate a small number of direct clients. As these businesses grew, MAMBA was there every step of the way and we grew right beside them.

Our clients went global and so did we, as we used our expertise to provide customized services to our growing list of clients. The quality and diversity of our services led to a dramatic increase in the number of projects we handle.

Today, MAMBA Group is helping clients around the world with their diverse translation, transcription and interpretation services. We are ready to become your trusted partner.

We live though our motto:
we guarantee that we’ll never miss.

Our Mission

To overcome any communication obstacles that our clients and partners face. Through our high quality services, their messages are delivered with 100% clarity and precision.

Core Values

MAMBA is part of the world. We have a strong sense of public responsibility and believe in giving back to the community as often as possible. Please visit our Community Work page to learn more.